Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Testimonial Of William Andrews

In September of 1997, a man who was hungry, tired, frustrated, and in a vicious cycle of drug use and irresponsibility came to find a hot breakfast and a warm smile. For several weeks he had arrived at Good News appreciating the smiles, and thankful for the food.

This morning was different from the rest. William Andrews was about to make decisions that would change his life forever! He listened to the speaker of the morning and completed his meal, but when it was time to leave he felt "glued to his chair". He was so tired of the loneliness, the despair, and all of the pain he had created in his own life, as well as the lives of those he loved. On this day, he would stay and ask for help. He knew that Central Care Mission also had a program for men. He asked for help. They led him to the staff of Central Care and some people who truly cared about his life. He prayed that day and committed his life to God asking for His help. On that day he was accepted into the program to begin a brand new journey.

William never dreamed his life would take the turns it had. Living in the New England states, William had graduated from Universities in Boston with two degrees, one in Political Science. He had played semi-pro basketball. His six-foot nine-inch height was a great plus. After several years in the political circles he had become a regular user of alcohol and drugs. His usage led to strong addiction, and his addiction led him out of mainstream society and eventually to migrant work camps in the South where he could be paid daily to support his addiction. After a few years, he came to Orlando where the streets became a way of life. Who would have guessed this journey would lead him to Central Care Mission and the Good News feeding?

Month after month in the program, William learned through classes, counseling, and every day experiences how to be set free from the addictions which had controlled his life. He learned about accountability, integrity, and how to build meaningful relationships. After several months, he expressed the sense of a call on his life to be in ministry. He felt he had run from that call most of his life. He enrolled in college level courses and began to prepare for this new direction. Not only was he discovering freedom, but he found a special person who would decide to work along side of him in ministry too! After almost two years, William married Rose and accepted a position as the Pastor of a newly formed community church in Orlando. Because the church is located in an area where William at times had wandered the streets in his addiction, many people who used to know him as "six nine", now come to him for prayer and guidance.

William remembers vividly that morning when he woke up restless and hungry. Today his life is different! Today his plans are different! Today his future carries hope for so many others who are in great need. What a difference!

Central Care Mission is able to make a difference because of your support. The new journey for William Andrews was possible because we were there! We were only able to be there because you cared enough to help!

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